Middleton High School Sports Posters

Overview: Over the years we’ve done over 40 High School sports team posters for various boys and girls sports. Teams sell poster sponsorships as a way to help self-fund team activities including meals during travels, new uniforms, or other equipment. With decreasing school funding, teams are forced to become more self sufficient over time.

The Challenge: IN a word – LEADTIME. Over the years, while some teams have had a poster concept in mind, which we encourage for their ownership of the poster, many time….okay, often, teams can’t come up a good idea to represent their team leaving us the challenge of coming up with the idea in just a few days. In one case it had to be instantaneous creative as the team changed their mind about their idea when we got there for the photo shoot. In that instance, I surveyed the surroundings and pulled the boys into the nearby woods and did the shoot on a creek bank, used a B&W technique for the background, keeping the players in color, and called the poster ‘Young Guns’ since there was only one senior and all the rest were underclassmen.

When we’ve had a little time to work with, we’ve had some fun, especially the time went to Kelly Moss Motorsports, another client of ours, and the boys got to stand next to two brand new Ferrari 880 race cars, the first two in the country at that time! Because it was Coach Ken Burghy’s last coaching season for the boys team after 25 years, we snuck an image of him into the background like a ‘where’s Waldo’ kind of thing which the team did appreciate.

During the onset of these posters, I used them as sort of a training tool where I could experiment with various techniques and a lot of Photoshop practice of cutting players out of backgrounds and placing new images behind them, as well as color correcting photography that looked good on site through a camera, but not as good on a 24” poster!

The Result: First, we’ve helped teams raise in the neighborhood of $50M over the years to help support themselves by selling the logo sponsorships on the posters. We’ve also had a lot of fun with these posters and realize that while helping them support themselves, the teams have a memorable keepsake of their high school sports experience. For a while, I was considered a good luck charm as the first time I did a poster for a team, they went to the State Tournament!

Its not earth shattering creative, but its fun and meaningful to those involved.

Loichinger Advantage Website

The Challenge: Dan at Loichinger Advantage wanted to update his website to communicate changes he was making in the organization and to help him focus more on his TEC Executive Roundtable, a leadership peer group he runs locally. His previous site was loaded with information on several types of coaching as well as a plethora of technical data supporting each method.

Dan visited with a couple other companies and elected to choose us for the project, both from a relationship standpoint as well as our preferable pricing.

The Process: In our initial meetings we learned more about Dan’s business and how the TEC program works. We needed to understand the significance of ‘coaching’ vs ‘training’ and who is target audience would be and who his clients could be. Terms like ‘leadership’, ‘growth’ ‘peer group’, etc., all had certain meaning in his field of leadership development.

Once we had a basis of understanding, our first step was to enhance his logo that helps define his company. Adding the words “proven” “leadership” and “growth” does just that. When read together it supports the results oriented theme he wanted, but individually, the words each have meaning that we highlight on the top slide show of the site.

We selected a WordPress template that is clean and simple, and it needed to be mobile friendly for the growing importance of tablet and mobile phone users. We stressed to Dan that he needed to be more concise with his copy used on the site, and we worked hard with him to help achieve that goal.

We especially needed the Home landing page to do a great deal of work to engage the user to dig deeper to learn more, but just enough to create intrigue someone to meet Dan for the important face-to-face sales opportunity. The new website needed to both justify Dan as a successful and proven leadership coach, and educate the user enough to want to meet with Dan in person.

The Result: The site is clean and easy to navigate and provides all essential information on a first glance view of the home page including the menu bar, supportive statements, company core beliefs, and importantly, quick links to Dan’s blog.

The site is mobile friendly and the pages automatically adjust to the screen size of phone or tablet.

Content is intended to be concise and targeted toward the Loichinger Advantage target viewers of company executives, HR professionals, and business owners who want to grow their company, develop succession plans, or cultivate future leaders.

Most importantly, Dan is very happy…always our number one goal.

Chrysalis Design Works | 2413 Parmenter St., Suite 201 | Middleton, WI 53562 | (608) 831-4588

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